Wedding Reception Games

Wedding Reception Games

There are two types of people in the world – game players and non-players. Wedding reception games are definitely not for everyone. The truth is that not everyone will enjoy or want to play games during your reception, but games are a great way to get most of your guests talking to each other and get the fun started. The best receptions are fun and lively with people talking and dancing.  As a Dallas wedding photographer, I remember the weddings best that had the most memorable receptions.  Your reception will leave a lasting impression on your guests that will pale in comparison only to the way you looked walking down the aisle.

Consider adding one or more of these games to your reception plans.

wedding recepton games

The Shoe Game

As a Dallas wedding photographer, we have seen the shoe game played countless times, and it is still just as fun to see couples answering questions and laughing along with their guests.  In summary, the bride and groom each take off their shoes and exchange one.  They sit back to back in chairs.  Questions are asked, and they raise the shoe of the person that is the one they believe to be the correct answer.  For example, if the question were, “Who is the neatest? or “Who is most punctual?” they would raise either their own shoe or their partner’s shoe with their answer.  The couple in these photos used a Barbie and Ken doll instead of taking off their shoes, which is another great idea!

The Shoe Game Group Style

Another fun way to play the Shoe Game is to give all of the guests a cutout of the bride and groom’s faces to hold up at their answer.  Another idea would be to give them a pink or blue circle. The question would be asked and the guests would hold up their answer with the bride and groom.

Outdoor Yard Games

On our Pinterest board you will find tutorials to create yard dice. gigantic Jenga, and even Kerplunk. There is also the classic yard game of cornhole as well.

Board Games

Do not over think it.  As a Fort Worth wedding photographer, we see brides occasionally try too hard to make sure their guests stay on the dance floor dancing but dancing, just like games, will not be for everyone.  You could always have a table set up with a few board games and decks of cards on it. Guests can pick them up and take them to their tables and put them back when finished.

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Check out our Pinterest board for more wedding reception game ideas.

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