The Walk Down the Aisle, which one is the best way?

The Walk Down the Aisle, which one is the best way?

The bride’s walk down the aisle is probably the most photographed part of the entire wedding ceremony. All eyes will be on the bride as she makes her dramatic entrance.

When contemplating who will accompany her while she walks down the aisle, the bride should look into her heart, considering those whom she most leans on for strength and guidance. There is more than one alternative for her to choose from.


-Stepfather, uncle, grandfather, or brother: Honor the man who was present in your life and gave you guidance and support.

-Grandmother, mother, or stepmother: If one of these great ladies raised you, why not honor her by having her walk you down the aisle.

-Mother and father: No one needs to feel left out. Let both your parents share in your walk down the aisle.

-Your children: Why not? They have been with you through thick and thin.


-Both the groom’s and bride’s parents (as in Jewish tradition): Let both sides of the family show their love and support.

-Your dog: Your rock and support may be your nearest and dearest four-legged friend.

-Walk together, bride and groom as one, both entering into this marriage as partners.

-Walk alone: There may be many different reasons why a bride would prefer to walk alone. Ultimately you need to choose what makes you happy. Step out with confidence and rock that fabulous dress.

Reflect and recognize those relationships that are important to you. Walk with the person of your choice. Regardless of whom you choose, rest assured that, as your Dallas Wedding Photographer will be there to capture this special moment.

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