The Kid’s Table

The Kid’s Table

As you go through your planning checklist you are making decision after decision, and one of those decisions will be whether or not you will be having a kid’s table at your wedding. You may have not considered whether this is needed at your wedding yet.  As a Dallas wedding photographer we would recommend that there are a few things to take into consideration to help you decide if you should have a table for only children.

kids at wedding

Do you have children of your own?

Blending families is more common now than ever!  If you are blending two families together, or you already have children together as a couple, you will definitely want to have a children’s table at your wedding.  You will make your kids feel like a part of the wedding. You may even want to ask your kids for some ideas and let them be involved in this part of the wedding planning. A kid’s table will give your kids and any other kids at the wedding a place to hang out where you may have some activities for them and some kid friendly snacks.  Consider that depending on the age of the children, they may still choose to sit with their parents.

Did  you invite children?

If you invite many families that have children, having a table for the kids will be a great way to make them feel welcome and ensure that they have fun.  If there are few children that will be at your wedding, it may not make sense to set a table just for them when they can just be at tables with their parents. 

kids at wedding

How formal will your wedding be?

At more formal, evening weddings it is more common that children are not actually invited or are discouraged from attending. Any children that are invited or happen to attend would sit with their parents.

If  you decide to have a children’s table, you can have great fun planning it.  As a Dallas wedding photographer, we have seen some really great tables set for children.  There are so many fun ideas you may not have thought of that will actually make you want to have a kids table. Check our Pinterest board for more fun ideas!


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