Is anything about a wedding sacred anymore?

Is anything about a wedding sacred anymore?

As a Dallas wedding photographer, we go to hundreds of weddings a year and it seems to us that there is very little that is not up for debate during a wedding ceremony anymore.  We have seen more variety in the last few years than at any other time.  It lead us to believe that there is very little that is considered sacred by brides today.

We are seeing brides do things in their own personal style.  Pinterest has equipped the DIY bride with unlimited ideas to create and fashion her personalized wedding or gather ideas that she would like her planner to know about.

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The Cake

Your mother probably had a tiered wedding cake with white frosting and most likely frosting flowers that matched her wedding colors.  Today’s bride may have a naked cake, donuts or even pie instead.

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The Vows

Brides and their grooms are drafting their own vows more often than not it seems. There are a few phrases that seem to be consistent, or at least more common.  We have heard some amazingly crafted and poetic vows and others that are just hilarious.  At religious ceremonies, this is where we see as a Dallas wedding photographer, that a couple does tend to do things that are more traditional and significantly meaningful.

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The Wedding Party

Bridesmen, groomswomen, large wedding parties, no wedding parties – the wedding party too has evolved.

Wedding Party Attire

It is very common for brides to let their bridesmaids choose a dress that suits them or even where a dress of their own as long as it fits the color scheme.  Groomsmen range from very formal to boots and jeans or khakis and flip flops.

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The Reception

We have all seen the viral videos of flash mobs and choreographed dances by wedding parties at wedding receptions. The internet has definitely played a role in the growth of these trends.

In summary, we would say as a Dallas wedding photographer, that there is not one way or right way to plan your wedding.  You have to be true to yourself and make this day everything you want it to be. As always, we encourage you to pick your values and your budget and then work within that frame to make all your other decisions.

Tell us in the comments what you are doing to make your wedding reflect you and your groom?


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