Do you need a seating chart at your reception?

Do you need a seating chart at your reception?

You may be wondering if a seating chart is truly necessary for your Dallas wedding reception.  The very thought of it is probably overwhelming to you.  It is definitely not the easiest or quickest part of wedding planning and you may be dreading it. As a Dallas wedding photographer, we have attended countless weddings both with and without a seating chart for the reception.  We contend that there are many benefits to having a seating chart for your wedding reception.

Makes the best use of table space

Naturally people will leave space between them and a stranger when they sit down.  By assigning seats, you can ensure that every table will be filled most efficiently. There will not be any open seats, leaving couples standing looking for a seat together.

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Gives people direction

Your guests like to know what to do and when to do it.  By assigning tables they will be a bit more relaxed and have more fun, knowing that they have a seat waiting for them at dinner.

seating chart at wedding

Minimizing awkwardness and drama

Every family has its own little bit of drama potential at a wedding. By assigning friends and family to tables, you will be able to strategically create space between two people who may otherwise be at odds and potentially start some drama at your wedding reception.  The goal is for everyone to have fun and be focused on you and your groom, not on old quarrels.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.18.35 AMTake Heart

Just because you are putting your guests at particular tables, it does not mean that you need to assign them to a particular chair at the table. This will save you some time and sanity. It will keep you from feeling that you have to get it just right or that someone will end up having a bad time because of who they will be sitting beside.

seating chart at wedding

Remember that your guests will not be tied to their tables.  The tables will be used mostly for dinner and toasts.  Hopefully once the dancing begins, your guests will mingle and abandoned their tables altogether for the dance floor.

Take some advice from your Dallas wedding photographer, while it may be tempting to pawn this task off on someone else, it really is best completed by the bride. You will know your guests and their relationships, and possible conflicts with each other better than anyone else.


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