Capturing special guests at your wedding day with a professional wedding photographer and videographer.

Capturing special guests at your wedding day with a professional wedding photographer and videographer.

Capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments of a couple’s wedding is a momentous and important task; from capturing the bride walking down the aisle with her father, to the throwing of the bouquet. Every bride wants the assurance from her videographer and photographer that nothing will be left out. She wants to know that her photography team will be right there to capture every detail of the wedding as it unfolds, one unforgettable moment after the other. The exceptional videographers and photographers of Victory Video and Photography do more than just capture wedding details. They capture the heart and soul of your special day as well.

Capturing your guests enjoying your special day is equally as important, as some have traveled great distances to share in this day with you. One important guest that needs to be mentioned to your photography team is your ‘special guest’. This person or persons may not be part of the wedding party or even have a special wedding assignment. They are someone special to whom extra hospitality may be extended. It could be a special family friend who hasn’t been seen in years, your new father-in-law’s best man from his wedding, or an old college roommate with their family.

Letting your photography team know who your special guests are is extremely important in order to capture those photos that bring back fond memories that reach farther back than just your wedding ceremony. Your photos will be shared with many important people after the wedding day. Parents, in-laws, wedding party attendees, and close friends will want to see and probably purchase photos that your photography team shot. Their favorite picture of the bunch, as well as your own, may surprise you. They may very well be those posed pictures you took with your special guests because of the fond memories they stirred deep within.

Your photography team is there to capture it all. If there is someone special in attendance that you want to honor, let your team know. Let your family and friends help out by letting you or your photography team know when a special guest shot is in order. Your team can then take the extra care needed in framing that picture just right, capturing the heart and soul of your magnificent day.

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