6 Ways Your Wedding Can Give Back

6 Ways Your Wedding Can Give Back

Some women have been waiting their whole lives for their wedding day – a day that is entirely focused on them and their groom.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating your wedding in this traditional manner, some brides  feel uncomfortable with it being all about them and want a way that they can give back while celebrating their love and union as a married couple.  As a Dallas wedding photographer, we have found many opportunities for couples to make their wedding an event where both they and their guest give back.

  1. Donate your wedding dress. We have 10 different ways to reuse your wedding dress, and some of those ways greatly benefit others.
  2. Suggest your bridesmaids donate their dresses.  Connect with a local charity that works to give girls in need a dress to wear to their prom. As much as you think that you may wear all those bridesmaids dresses again, chances are that you will not.
  3. Request donations in lieu of gifts.  We are all have out favorite charity that we may already donate money or even our time to throughout the year.  What better way to show our support than to give them some love on your wedding day.  You can ask guests to donate online to make giving fast and easy.
  4. Request donations and receive gifts.  These donations would be smaller.  You could collect unwrapped toys or books for the Salvation Army around Christmas.  A local animal shelter can always use donations of bottled water, food, blankets, and newspapers.  Guests could bring new soft socks to take to a nursing home. You could also collect canned and boxed goods to take to a food bank. Blankets and coats can be given to homeless shelters in the fall and winter months.  Diapers, formula, bottles, and toiletries are always welcome at women’s shelters and pregnancy centers.
  5. Support non-profits in your community.  This is easy to do by holding your wedding and/or reception at a non-profit’s meeting room.  You can support them financially by just using their space.  Hiring non-profit entertainment in your community will help support their efforts.
  6. Celebrate while serving others. Instead of having a shower or bachelorette/bachelor party, you could coordinate a day to give back with a serving project.

As a Dallas wedding photographer we think, these are all such fun and do-able ideas.  There is something that everyone can incorporate into their big day to help them give back while celebrating their love!

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