4 Secrets to Enjoying Your Wedding Day

4 Secrets to Enjoying Your Wedding Day

As a Dallas wedding photographer, we get to witness a wide range of brides over the years as we shoot their weddings.  Some brides seem to enjoy their wedding day more than others.  Brides who enjoy their wedding day more seem to have the following things in common.

four secrets to enjoy your wedding day

Don’t procrastinate

The longer your to do list is on the day of your wedding, the more anxiety you will wake up with on your wedding day. Getting organized and staying organized is important to the wedding planning process.  Checking things off your to do list in the days leading up to the wedding will help you enjoy your wedding day more.

four secrets to enjoy your wedding day


Brides that try to manage every detail of their wedding by themselves tend to feel more stress on their wedding day.  When they delegate responsibilities to other family members, friends, or even a wedding coordinator, they are able to relax more and enjoy their wedding day.  It may save you money to create your own center pieces or make your own bouquet.  But if that means that you are stressed the night before or morning of your wedding, it may not be worth saving the money after all.  You know which friends and family you can trust to get things done on your behalf.

4 secrets to enjoy your wedding day

Eat and Drink Water

One mistake that we see brides make, as a Dallas wedding photographer, is that in their excitement and nervousness they will skip eating throughout the day. By the time the reception begins they are starving, and at that point there are guests to greet, drinks flowing, and dancing to be done. Eating light throughout the day will keep your blood sugar up, keep your energy up, and your mood. Once you get to your reception, take time to eat the delicious food you have spent so much time selecting for your guests.  We sometimes find that brides are avoiding water because they worry about having to use the bathroom once they are dressed in their gown and shoes.  But when you are not drinking enough water you will feel tired, remember less, and your skin will not be as bright.

four secrets to enjoy your wedding day

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Your wedding day can still be perfect, even if it does not go completely as planned.  If you focus your attention on the minor details, you will struggle to see the big picture of the day.  Even if you do your best to plan ahead and stay organized, there will be variables that will effect the details.  Enjoy the day and do your best to overlook when things do not go exactly as planned.

four secrets to enjoy your wedding day

As your Dallas wedding photographer, we can help make your day perfect and enjoyable.  Our team of trained experts will help you enjoy your wedding day more by giving you the peace of mind that you have hired on of the best wedding photographers in Dallas. You can be assured we will deliver.

The more that you can go with the flow on your wedding day, they more you will enjoy yourself.  You worked hard to plan the perfect day for you and your groom – now enjoy it!


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