10 Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress

10 Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress

You have likely spent a chunk of your wedding budget on the perfect dress.  We bet you have tried it on more than once just to look and feel like a bride. As you plan all the details for your wedding day and honeymoon, do not forget to also make a plan for your dress after the wedding.  We do not just mean making a plan for who will be responsible for your dress when you change before your grand exit, though you do need to make a plan for that too.

reuse your wedding dress

What happens to your dress after that?  As you Dallas wedding photographer, we know it can be hard to let go of your dress, but you may find it to be a bit easier once you find the right purpose for it.  We compiled a few of our favorite ideas below INCLUDING some amazing charity options that we know you will love.

reuse wedding dress

  1. Sell it. You have more options than ever to sell your wedding dress online.  You can do it through eBay, Craigslist, or even a consignment store.  You could also use a website like Preowned Wedding Dresses, Still White, Tradesy, or Nearly Newlywed.

  2. Give it away. If you know someone similar in size and taste to you, giving it away is a great way to bless someone and also avoid a dress sitting in your closet for the rest of your life.

  3. Make a christening gown or baptism outfit.  Cutting your dress apart may sound painful to you, but there are some really wonderful patterns for making outfits from your wedding dress material.  Imagine your future babies wearing little pieces of your wedding dress on a special day.

  4. Make a teddy bear. Another use for the material of your dress would be to make a teddy bear or other stuffed animal from the material to give to your future kids.

  5. Halloween costume. You could always reuse the dress as a Halloween costume, but do not expect it to stay clean.

  6. Newborn photos. As a Dallas wedding photographer, we have seen some truly creative ways to use a wedding dress in a newborn photo shoot.

  7. Dress up. Little girls love dress up!  You could have the dress shortened and add some straps to make the ultimate dress up gown for your little girls.

  8. Save it.  If your dress seems timeless, you may want to have it cleaned and preserved for a future family member – daughter, god-daughter, or daughter-in-law.  You have to prepare yourself , though, that they may have no interest in using your dress.

  9. Trash the dress photo shoot. As a Fort Worth wedding photographer, we have been waiting to do a session like this!  We have access to a rooftop pool at our Deep Ellum studio and would love to do an underwater shoot. There are many creative other ideas that we have seen as well.

  10. Give it to a good cause.  Do some research and find an organization that you would like to help by donating your dress. A few of our favorites are , Adorned In Grace, The Mary Madeline Project, and Brides Across America.

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